Tenzin Sonam (Executive Councilor Zanskar)


                Executive Councillor Zanskar

                          LHDC KARGIL



I am very happy to know that the all Zanskar student union Jammu is going to launch a website of the union. Through this platform I want to convey some important messages to the young blooming scholars from Zanskar who are studying all over India.

  • I heartily congratulate all those brilliant and hard worker student who through their hard labour through days and night were able to crack different competitive examination  like entrance examination for professional courses like medical, Engineering etc. Recently some students has also cleared the prestigious examination  like NET, SET and JRF.This is really a positive sign shown by all my brothers and sisters students studying all over our country.
  •  I also wish to congratulate all those who after completing their studies were able to absorb in different kinds of job, whether it be government or private. Wish you all a successful  and peaceful life ahead. I feel myself very proud when I see some of our young star after completing their study serving the society dedicatedly indifferent field. Specially I would to convey special wish to  those who were selected as general line teacher.
  •  Some time we are being heard of some serious information about our young stars who are just spending their valuable times on some unworthy and unconstructive activity effecting severely on their academic achievement. You all left your homes and parents only with one Aim; that is to study. Remember your way back at your homes your parents are struggling very hard to earn some money for your expenses. I have seen many parents spending all their monetary incomes for you who are studying outside Zanskar.

On behalf of Ladakh Autonomous Hill development council Kargil I wish you all a very successful, peaceful and a  meaningful year ahead.  Fell free to contact in any kind help that you all needed . Your suggestion in every sphere of our activities shall be highly appreciated. Each one of us have the respossibilty of the future Zanskar and we must shoulder it to the best of our capacity and ability.

Wish you all the best and Happy New year 2017.

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