Status Of Education In Zanskar

Brief Summary of education system of Tri-armed Valley More than half of century has gone by leading to various changes in political, social and economic condition of our land.Now it has reflected that our education system need to be given due importance as we are lagging behind relative to other part of the region..The school has to act as a center of dispersal of simple technical know-how beyond the skill of reading and writing and become an effective agent of social change.lets have a glimpse of our school!! Condition of Secondary School:In Our higher Secondary school score of students pursuing education who opt their interested stream and begin building their career.This is happened to be most crucial stage in a life of a student that determine the quality of life they’ll have in future. This school is supposed to strive hard in imparting satisfactory education to students,aiding in realization of their dreams and essentially staff are supposed to bear thorough knowledge of their subject and dedicated but except few most of them are recruited on contractual basis- most of them kargillite. And there is no provision for local preference which may otherwise prove fertile.This institution is being faced the dearth of staff too.This clearly reflect apathy of our political leaders toward education system.Such compromise with education system and simmering pathetic plight of institution may push us back in the race of civilization. Condition of other schools – Primary, Middle and high school are in same condition.We have 4 High school, Zangla,Karsha,Phey and Eicher and more than 50 primary and middle schools. Though we are fortunate to have numbers of school and even Degree college there is discernible decline in result produced concomitant by gradual depletion in enrollment.Some school are at verge of being declared discontinue by reason of pinnacle number of roll. In the past we blamed the teachers coming from kargil and kashmir for their lack of interest and made them responsible for the backward condition of education system.Fellow..! still today,our education system is not reflecting any sign of improvement after having teachers from our own community itself that we preferred.We also blamed our teachers and made administration responsible before the establishment of LAHDC-Kargil. Education system is still stagnant and nothing has changed even after LAHDC establishment.Moreover it seems stepping down from bad to worse,this is sign of regression and not progression.Now question is , who will we blame..teacher and administration again? parents? Politician in-activism? or we will wait till assembly seat is fulfilled. There is many loophole on the parts of administration as general transfer of teachers has not been taking place from a decade by unknown reason.Recently we have also observed how political leaders using the head of the our education system(ZEO) as political tool to get their work done. ZEO are frequently exposed to promotion and devolution.Needless to say, such ill-interested activities render academics hindrance.Revival of teacher association may works as bulwark against such arbitrary action by so called politician. Only Teacher-Parent-Politician continuum seems a malady to address above issues and should be able to generate a congenial atmosphere so that the broad purpose of education in our land is fully served.!! Zanskar zindabad!