Regzin Sandup KPS


                        KPS Officer

            Jammu and Kashmir Police



It gives me immense pleasure to know that all Zanskar student union Jammu has launched its own website, where i  have been asked to share my  view, experience and ideas through the medium of this  website. I am very happy and excited  to share a few words with you.  I have remained part of Zanskar student union for 12 years and held an executive post as well. I want all the students of Zanskar should give their due attention towards studies and come up successful. It is quite hard for us to remain away from home during most of our study time. We have to move out with an aim to achieve the best, to do the best in our life and being the citizen of the most remote area of Ladakh, people of the region have very much hope upon all of us and their wish would be that we shud come up with a good education.
My Best Wishes to you all. do  not waste your valuable time, study hard, stay cool and face the challenge that will definitely give you utmost contentment in your life.

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