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prof. Chhering


I am informed that All Zanskar Student Association Jammu is launching its website for the disseminate the educational information through the Information, Communication and Technology.

I hope that the website will be useful for the student community. It will be able to circulate and inform various information escorting to admission, career, grievances and counseling.  This kind of steps is really appreciable and out of box idea by the present hardworking executive members.

Dear friends, we are belonging to a backward and remote region. Backwardness and remoteness is because of geographical, political, economic and ignored by the government. I think each of us can become an army to fight with our backwardness. More than 500 students are studying outside the Penzila. These 500 students can be a model for rest of generation by proving yourself exceptional in your field.   I wish to see you all as an army to fight with poverty, corruption, backwardness, helper to helpless and needy people of our region.

I wish the successful and meaningful use of this website by the youth of Zanskar and this website will become a digital guide for the student community of our region.

Prof. Chhering Tandup

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