Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We the members of All Zanskar Student Association Jammu solemnly resolved to constitute AZSAJ into cultural, Social and Educational Welfare Development society and on this day of 8th March 2015 enacted, adopted and given to ourselves this Constitution.

Aim and Objective of  Association?

  1. To promote the Students’ Welfare.
  2. To promote literacy and create educational awareness among the masses and to give career guidance to the youth of the region.
  3. To work for the preservation of cultural and traditional heritage of Zanskar valley .
  4. Present memorandum to the authorities regarding the promotion and up-gradation of educational infrastructure .
  5. To assist the member student in emergency need i.e., financial help I case of accident or health problems.

Where is your Office and Area of Operation?

Area of Operation is Jammu and Zanskar (sub-office) J&K.

Where did you register your Association?

Location of Registered Office : H.NO-6 Laxmipuram , Near Masjid Road, Chinore,Bantalab, Jammu. Click here