Our Constitution



On 30th of November , 2014 a general body meeting was called by newly elected executive members of All Zanskar Union Jammu (AZSUJ) under the presidentship of Mr. Tundup Wangyal. In the meeting it was unanimously decided to alter the erstwhile nomenclature i.e. AZSUJ into All Zanskar Student Association Jammu (AZSAJ) and a Drafting committee of four members ( Tundup Wangyal, skalzang Dorjay, Nawang Tundup and Stanzin Thosam)was constituted to reconsider or reframe the constitution of AZSAJ.


The Drafting Committee after the thorough studying of the former constitution and constitution of some other Student’s Association proposed  a new constitution to e approved by executive members of AZSAJ.

Adoption of Constitution

We the members of All Zanskar Student Association Jammu solemnly resolved to constitute AZSAJ into cultural, Social and Educational Welfare Development society and on this day of 8th March, 2015 enacted, adopted and given to ourselves this Constitution.

Main feature of Constitution of AZSAJ:

The original constitution of AZSAJ consists of Ten Article and Eleven pages with signature of Drafting Committee members, the executive members of AZSAJ and Colleges & School representatives who passed this constitution with full consent of all.


Article 1 – Name, Office and Area of Operation :

  1. The name of the association shall be ALL ZANSKAR STUDENT ASSOCIATION JAMMU hereafter called the AZSAJ ( A Cultural,  Social and Educational Welfare Development Society ).
  2. Location of Registered Office :

         H.NO-6 Laxmipuram , Near Masjid Road, Chinore,Bantalab, Jammu. Click here 

  1. c) Area of Operation ; Jammu and Zanskar (sub office ) J&K.

Article 2—Aims and Objectives: 

  1. To promote the Students’ Welfare.
  2. To promote literacy and create educational awareness among the masses and to give career guidance to the youth of the region.
  3. To work for the preservation of cultural and traditional heritage of Zanskar valley .
  4. Present memorandum to the authorities regarding the promotion and up-gradation of educational infrastructure .
  5. To assist the member student in emergency need i.e., financial help I case of accident or health problems.

Article 3—Nomenclature :

  1. “The Association “ means All Zanskar Student Association
  2. “Member” means the member of the association for the time being.
  3. “General body meeting “ means the meeting of all members be it annual or extra-ordinary meeting.
  4. President, VP, Gen. Secretary & Joint. Sec., Cashiers means the Office bearers of the respective portfolios of the association for the time being .

Article 4—Terms of Admission of Members;

  1. The membership shall be open to all the zanskari students studying in different educational institutional of the country.
  2. Any student desirous to enrolling himself/herself as the member of the association shall apply on the prescribed enrolment form, accompanied by admission fee to be decided by the executive body from time to time.

Article 5—Formation of General Body & Functions:

  1. The General body shall consist of all the members and office bearer of the association.
  2. Powers and Functions;
  3. The office bearers of the association shall be elected by the general body by means of secret ballot.
  4. All the matters relating to the welfare of the association shall be discussed in the general body meeting by simple majority of the members of the members present.
  • All the matters relating to disciplinary action against any member or office bearer shall be finalized by the general by simple majority .
  1. Assets and other allied financial matters can be discussed and solved in the general body meeting by special majority . i.e., 2/3 of the members present.
  2. General body shall pass the audited account presented by the auditor of the association.
  3.  Quorum

  There shall be two categories of general body meeting quorum:

  1. The quorum for the general body meeting shall be 2/3 of the total strength of the association. A prior of 14 days shall be given for annual general body meeting.
  2. The quorum for the extra-ordinary meeting shall be ½ of the total membership, such a meeting shall be called within a seven days of prior notice.

Article 6—Formation of Governing body of and Powers:

The member of governing body shall consist of ;

  1. President
  2. Vice president
  • General Secretary and Joint Secretary
  1. Cashier and Joint Cashier
  2. Auditor
  3. Cultural Secretary
  • Sport secretary
  • Media person
  1. Convener

The post of VP, J. Sec., and J. Cashier are reserved for girls if the president , Gen. Sec., and Cashier are boys or vice-versa.

Power and functions:

  • The governing body of the association as a whole shall conduct and manage the affair of the association.
  • The rule and regulation under which the affairs of the association are to be carried shall be framed and amended by the executive body and final approval is obtained from the general body meeting .
  • The executive body shall have full control over the funds of the association .
  • All the matters related to the fair dealing of the association and all the disciplinary action shall be rooted out by the executive body meeting before submitting to the general body meeting for its final approval .

Meeting and Quorum of the Governing body;

  • The governing body shall meet at least once in a month
  • The special meeting of the executive shall be summoned by the order of the president
  • The quorum shall be at least 2/3 of the total strength of the executive committee .

Article 7 – Election, Power and Duties of Governing Body;

  1. President:
  2. He/she shall be elected by the general body and will be the executive head f the association. He will preside over all meeting of working committee.
  3. To propose any function of association
  • To look after the affairs and management of the association.
  1. He/she can suspend or remove any member of the association who works against the interest of the association and disobey the decision of the governing body with the prior approval of the governing body.
  2. Qualification ;
  3. He/she should be member of AZSAJ.
  4. He/she should have completed graduation


In case there is no graduated candidate then the minimum qualififcation shall be 3rd semester of graduation

  1. He must maintain political neutrality

b) Vice President

  1. He/she shall elected by the general body
  2. In case of absence of president, VP shall exercise all the powers of the Preisdent
  • Generally he/she will assist the president in administering the association
  1. The post of Vice president shall be reserved for girls in case of the president is boy

c) General Secretary

  1. he/she shall be elected by the general body
  2. he/she in consultation with president shall call meeting of the executive and general meeting
  • he/she shall be responsible for the implementation of annula plan of the association with the executive committee and general body as well.

d) Cashier.

  1. He/she shall be elected by the general body
  2. He/she shall be responsible for handling of all the funds vested in the name of association
  • He/she shall prepare a budget to be considered by the executive and at the end of the year shall submit an audited statement of account to be passed at the general body meeting

e) Auditor

  1. He or she shall be elected by the general body
  2. She or he shall audit the account of the association

f) Cultural Secretary

  1. He or she shall be elected by the general body
  2. He or she responsible to organized cultural program. It is his/her duty to form a cultural group and led it to any kind of cultural competition .

g) Sports Secretary

  1. He/she shall be elected by the general body
  2. He/she shall be responsible to organized all kind of sports activities.
  • It is his/her duty to select a team for any kind of tournament and to organize annual sports meet of the association

h) Joint Sec and Joint Cashier

  1. In the absence of the Gen. Sec., and Cashier they will take the responsible.  Generally their duty is assistance to the Gen. Sec. and Cashier

Article 9—Tenure

The tenure of the office holders shall be for one year or fifteen months in case emergency.

Article 10 – Amendment

Any amendment , deletion, alteration,  addition of the rules and regulation of the association can be made by the executive committee by passing  a resolution of 2/3 majority of the executive and shall be approved by 2/3 of member members present in the Annual General Body Meeting .