All Zanskar Student Association Jammu was formed in 1998 through a rigorous effort of our senior student studying away from home in Jammu and is registered under the J&K Societies Registration Act VI of 1998, dated on 30th of June 2015. It has root engraved in its parent organization All Zanskar Student Union Jammu (AZSUJ) which formally came into existence in 1998 by the initiative of then students studying in Jammu. This association was purposely created with the urge to address the problem of students studying away from Zanskar and with its administrative headquarter located in Jammu. It endeavors to provide aid and assistance educationally, morally and financially to students studying in Jammu and another part of India. It was initiated as a forum for discussing and implementing the ideas to provide the student the podium for generating virtuous qualities for all round development, excelling academically, nurturing innovative ideas and at par preserving our rich culture, heritage, ethnicity and tradition. It belief in the noble virtues of peace and harmony to promote various activities further it obliges in maintaining unity and integrity to promote our objectives. The Association acts as the medium of promoting educational awareness, career  counseling, environmental awareness campaigns back at  home in Zanskar every year. Today we have more than 1000 student studying across the different part of the country and abroad into various reputed institutes continuing the ideals of rational thinking, sense of scientific temperament to contribute in the development of our valley in particular and nation as a whole. With the pace of contemporary technological advancement, we felt the need and convenience of using the technological tools to enhance our productivity and thus have taken the very first stride toward a digital platform. We intend to contribute selflessly toward a better social structure at home and refuel the human resource to thrive with excellence. We encourage safeguard of environment and maintenance of ecological balance between man and environment. This association since its inception have continuously involved in these reforms and shall continue the tradition of passing the baton to the next generation to radiate as exemplary forums of unity and co-ordination in the future courses as well.

 Name, Office and Area of Operation :

  1. The name of the association shall be ALL ZANSKAR STUDENT ASSOCIATION JAMMU hereafter called the AZSAJ ( A Cultural,  Social and Educational Welfare Development Society ).
  2. Location of Registered Office :

         H.NO-6 Laxmipuram , Near Masjid Road, Chinore,Bantalab, Jammu. Click here 

 Area of Operation ; Jammu and Zanskar (sub office ) J&K.

Aims and Objectives: 

  1. To promote the Students’ Welfare.
  2. To promote literacy and create educational awareness among the masses and to give career guidance to the youth of the region.
  3. To work for the preservation of cultural and traditional heritage of Zanskar valley .
  4. Present memorandum to the authorities regarding the promotion and up-gradation of educational infrastructure .
  5. To assist the member student in emergency need i.e., financial help I case of accident or health problems.